Joy project summary

Innovative, Recreational, Stress Relief Youth Empowerment Strategies 


The aim of the project is to raise awareness on youth burnout danger among the target groups and stakeholders as a highly important and stringent issue related to children mental health and to provide widely usable training solutions and burnout prevention and coping skills through partner cooperation and exchange of expertise, methodologies and good practices in order to reduce the effects and consequences in EU. 

Empowerment strategies 

  • Positivity: Positive attitude to things

  • Self-confidence: Belief in yourself

  • Priorities: Focus on what is most important

  • People around you: Surround yourself with positive people

Stress Relief

  • Take care of yourself (food, sleep, exercise)

  • Talk to people close to you (share problems)

  • Take a break (do something else)

  • Avoid alcohol or drugs (can make bad things worse)


Youth empowerment gathering Godalen Vocational College

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